Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All Lady Gaga Wants For Christmas Is Her Family To Stop Calling Her Stephanie?

All Lady Gaga Wants For Christmas Is Her Family To Stop Calling Her Stephanie?

If you've ever wondered what Christmas is like at Lady Gaga's house, all you have to do is check out the 'Alejandro' singer's Twitter account, as she's been busily posting festive updates since returning home for the holidays.

And, in one revealing tweet, Lady Gaga aka Mother Monster revealed that her family still insist on calling her Stephanie - despite her pleas for them to use her stage name!

"im a vision sh*ttily wrapping xmas presents getting blunt ashes on everything while everyone calls me "stephanie." my family is so eighties"

"'um mom, my name is gaga' she told me I changed my name every year since i was 4 + to please take the ends off the string beans #NYmoms"

To be honest, we can't imagine Lady Gaga's parents will ever be able to see her as anyone other than their little girl Stephanie - no matter how many dresses made of meat she might wear!

Speaking of meat, it seems as if, just like all of us, Lady Gaga is also prepping for some serious festive feasting come Decmber 25th - no matter what the weight critics might say!

"that awkward moment when you realize you JUST took off last chrismas' holiday weight and it is indeed now christmas AGAIN can i get an amen?"

Too much good food, incessant present-wrapping and fun times with all the family? Sounds like Lady Gaga's Christmas might not be all too dissimilar to our own...


Lady Gaga Gets Crazy With Terry Richardson In An Urban Outfitters Sweater And Other Amazing Outfits!

Gaga in the Sweaters For My Friends Intarsia Sweater from Urban Outfitters.
 We've known for awhile that Terry Richardson and Lady Gaga are total besties. Between their photo book, Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, and the fact that Mama Monster shaved part of her head in honor of Richardson's late mother, the two seem super close, and new photos posted on Terry's Diary are only solidifying what we already thought. The cozy photos, which were taken backstage when Gaga performed with the Rolling Stones on the final date of their anniversary tour, show the singer in a variety of looks, both casual and stage ready. There's even one sweater that looked oddly familiar, and it turns out to be from Urban Outfitters! Celebrities, they're just like us, right?! Unfortunately it's now sold out, but the fact that the great Gags is clowning around in togs from one of our favorite suppliers of everyday clothes makes us feel pretty special. Or makes us feel like maybe we can relate to Gaga a little more? Ha! Just kidding, though, the rest of the images bring us back to reality once again, showing the singer in full velvet bodysuits, signed Rolling Stones jackets, and more untouchable insanity. 

Lady Gaga's performance outfit.
We're SO INTO velvet these days. There's just something so cozy AND kitschy about the fabric that's perfect for the holidays, although we're trying to figure out ways to bring some of our favorite velvet pieces into our year round everyday wardrobe as well. Certainly NOT for day to day wear, Gaga's velvet plunge neckline jumpsuit took our breath away. We've learned that the catsuit, which was custom made by Ray Brown, was inspired by 70's rock and in addition to stretch velvet also includes leather and crystals. Rock star life indeed

Lady Gaga's signed Rolling Stones leather jacket.
Speaking of rock stars, the pop star got some serious rock god swag backstage at the show, copping a signed Rolling Stones leather jacket, featuring the iconic lips and tongue logo. 

Lady Gaga's face cage.
And last but not least, we have Lady Gaga's totally creepy, totally awesome face mask/cage, designed by Mordekai, who was also behind the singer's amazing crown that she wore for her Guggenheim Fame launch. It appears that Gaga was wearing the mask in the car with Terry, lending a whole new meaning to the saying "travel in style."

What do you think of Terry Richardson's latest Lady Gaga photos?


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lady Gaga Accused Of “Illegally” Promoting LBGT Rights In Russia. Wait, What?

Lady Gaga is now under fire from a high profile Russian politician who is accusing her of “illegally” promoting gay rights in their country. Vitaly Milonov, an associate of President Vladimir Putin, is reportedly planning to file a lawsuit against the singer following her concert in his ruling district of St. Petersburg last Sunday.

 “We saw that in addition to music, songs and such, there were direct calls for 12-year-old citizens to support the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community,” he said. “The main complaints are [her] calls for minors to support the organization of gays and lesbians, the illegal use of the Russian Federation flag at her concert and slander against our country.” 

Milonov has co-written a law banning gay “propaganda” in St. Petersburg, and tried unsuccessfully to prohibit the sale of Gaga’s show tickets to anyone under the age of 18. 

Mother Monster’s representation even claims to have received a phone call prior to the show threatening arrest and $50,000 fines if she were to voice support for the LGBT community onstage. 

Wow, we thought the Cold War was over! Milonov tried similar tactics against Madonna over the summer, which were met with laughs in the court and disgust from the performer. Luckily, we’re feeling like nothing is going to come of these further legal threats. 

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has already come to Lady Gaga’s aide in an interview last week, in which he said that  “not all human relationships are subject to legal regulation.”


Lady Gaga Goes Hannibal Lecter in a Bizarre Cage-Style Headpiece

Lady Gaga has been known to wear some unusual headwear — remember her lobster hat? beef beret? — but over the weekend her look was rather chilling.

The 26-year-old seemed to be channeling iconic psycho Hannibal Lecter when she stepped out in Manhattan wearing cage-style headgear.

Dressed in black, including dangerously high platforms, Gaga exited her New York City hotel on Saturday wearing the attention-grabbing contraption. 

The bizarre accessory, which must have been extremely uncomfortable, featured strips of metal, which mostly obscured her face, and gold chains. All eyes were on the fashionista as she walked to her waiting car in the bizarre apparatus — and she knew it. She played up the moment, keeping a serious expression on her face and her eyes big and wide.

One marked difference between Gaga's look and Lecter's however? Gaga's headpiece featured a cherub on the front right between her eyes. So angelic!

So where was the "Born This Way" singer headed looking like Lecter? No, not the set of the upcoming NBC drama "Hannibal." That would almost make sense. Instead she was off to Newark, New Jersey, where she took the stage during the Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary concert.

Leading up to the show, which was telecast live via pay-per-view on Saturday night, Gaga was excited to be sharing the stage with the music legends. "Can't wait to sing with the Rolling Stones on Saturday Night. In 2007 i was stripping to them," the one-time go-go dancer posted on Twitter. As for how she was convinced to do the show, Gaga tweeted, "He had me at 'hello, it's Mick.'"

After singing "Gimme Shelter" with Jagger and company, Gaga was on cloud nine. "I had a life dream to be transported in a time machine to 1973 NJ, beer + badboys, she tweeted. "Someone heal me it happened + then I sang with the Stones."

No word on how Lady Gaga spent the rest of her night after the show, but we'd venture to guess it ended with a dinner of fava beans and a nice Chianti.


Lady Gaga treated herself tp expensive furs in moscow

Lady Gaga treated herself to high-end fur coats in Russia before she rocked the house with the Rolling Stones at the Prudential Center this weekend. 

The “Poker Face” singer, who earned about $52 million last year, according to Forbes, and has clearly moved up from the meat dress, last week was spotted at the Helen Yarmak boutique in Moscow. 

Spies told us Gaga picked up a dark brown Barguzin Russian sable worth about $210,000, and wore the lush coat out of the store after she shopped.

 She also picked up a green-dyed silver fox coat worth about $19,600. We’re told Gaga was “charming, easygoing and absolutely delightful” to staffers during her visit.

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