Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lady Gaga Is Back To Blonde In Provocative Safety Pin Versace Dress

She’s received backlash for gaining a few pounds in recent weeks, prompting her to take full length body shots of her fuller figure for her blog, so it’s no surprise that Lady Gaga felt like detracting all of the negative attention to her hair.
The 26-year-old 'Born This Way' singer was spotted chilling with Donatella Versace in Milan Fashion Week just hours before she decided to switch up her hairstyle and go back to being the blonde bombshell we all first knew her as.
Gaga emerged in Milan, Italy, for the second time last night sporting a new blonde hairstyle and a very provocative dress. It’s goodbye to the fatsuits and brunette hair, at last.
And channelling Liz Hurley’s infamous Versace safety pins red carpet moment, the 'Pokerface' hitmaker looked as though she wanted a taste of controversial attention as she rocked up in a very revealing black garment stringed together with safety pins – hitting back at her weight critics with her curves on display.
But we’re not sure if Gaga quite managed to pull the look off as it didn’t quite say the same sexiness as it did when Liz wore the daring number back in 1994 to the premiere of Four Weddings And A Funeral, later being voted ‘the greatest dress of all time’ in 2008.

Lady Gaga shows off her new blonde wig with daring Versace dress - Splash
But unlike Ms Hurley, Gaga managed to keep her cleavage under wraps as she exposed a lot of leg, showing off one her tattoos and a cheeky pair of black knickers underneath.
She finished off the outfit with a black pair of knee high studded boots with Versace’s name emblazoned on it in silver glitter.
The star added a black patent Versace bag and wore her straight blonde wig in a half up, half down style, pretty much winning the battle of deferring everyone’s attention away from her 30lb weight gain.
Earlier in the day, Gaga squeezed her new curves into a scarlet Versace gown to have a snap taken with the famous designer herself, and the singer looked more than happy with herself.

Lady Gaga poses with Donatella Versace at Milan Fashion Week - Splash
The singer has come under fire for gaining a few pounds, and has since been concealing her heavier frame in sturdy coats, burkas and anything that manages to detract from her insecurities.
But rather than doing something about her self-proclaimed unhappiness with her figure, Gaga seems to have already succumbed to her dad’s Italian cuisine.
She tweeted today: ‘’little italian girls all grown up, living the life. @germanottajoe be home soon daddy for spaghetti’’
What do you think of Lady Gaga's fresh look? Did you prefer her as a conservative brunette?
Lady Gaga Is Back To Blonde In Provocative Safety Pin Versace Dress

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